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Welcome to Zoo-phonics!
Welcome to our ZooForum & Chat! Whether posting or just lurking...we’ll all learn together!
Moderators:ZekeZebra, CharWrighton, KatieEdwards
218 171 Products
01/08 by mleithau
Connecting the Dots...
Ideas for expanding your Zoo-phonics curriculum.
Moderators:ZekeZebra, KatieEdwards, CharWrighton
2 1 Phonics Table
11/02/14 by Miss.Johnson
Free Zoo-phonics FIDELITY PAPER!
Maximize success! Download our free fidelity paper!
Moderators:ZekeZebra, CharWrighton, KatieEdwards
1 1 Free Zoo-phonics Fidelity Pap...
12/01/11 by ZekeZebra
Your Favorite Zoo Products
What are your favorite Zoo products? How do you use them in your classroom?
Moderators:ZekeZebra, CharWrighton, KatieEdwards
1 1 Favorite
07/29/14 by skatiero
Your Favorite Zoo Tips & Tricks
How do you customize Zoo-phonics for your particular classroom or needs?
Moderators:CharWrighton, ZekeZebra, KatieEdwards
0 0 No posts
Do you use an active board like Smart Board or Promethean in your classroom? How do you like it?
We are in the process of research and development for a new Zoo-phonics Smart Board app. Your comments will greatly assist our R & D team! Thanks!
Moderators:KatieEdwards, CharWrighton, ZekeZebra
9 1 Do you use an active board li...
07/29/14 by skatiero
New Zoo Products
What new products would you like to see us develop?
Moderators:KatieEdwards, CharWrighton, ZekeZebra
2 1 Apps
09/09/12 by CharWrighton
New Zoo-phonics Apps
What new apps would you like to see us develop? iPhone? Android, etc.?
Moderators:ZekeZebra, KatieEdwards, CharWrighton
8 1 iPhone
06/08/14 by ZekeZebra
Zoo-phonics Researchers Wanted!
Would you like to conduct Zoo-phonics research in your classroom? We'd love to help you gather results!
Moderators:ZekeZebra, CharWrighton, KatieEdwards
8 1 Researchers wanted
02/12 by kristybrackin
Zoo-phonics at Home
Are you using Zoo-phonics in your home? What works best for you?
Moderators:ZekeZebra, CharWrighton, KatieEdwards
4 2 Homeschool
06/21/14 by ZekeZebra
FREE Preschool Curriculum /l/ lizzy lizard Week
Sample Zoo-phonics preschool curriculum as used at Safari Learning Academy
2 2 New members
05/01/12 by nhung

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